Hypnotize Yourself! ebook


Hypnotize Yourself! is an easy to read ebook with embedded audio.

With interesting stories and a layered process of learning, you will be able to hypnotize yourself with ease.

Your self-hypnosis can be used for the changes you want:

...more restful sleep ...habit change (smoking cessation) ...reinforce good habits (food choices, regular exercise, etc) ...releasing stress


Includes complimentary copy of Healing Light (mp3) and more savings!

Pleas contact to purchase.

ChildbirthJoy Hypnosis Series Package

Includes series for one couple (one evening and two full days),

extensive workbooks,

and five recordings by mp3 link.

Please remember to also complete the Registration Form at:

Register for your preferred series

ChildbirthJoy Payment Options

Option A: one cheque in the amount of $372.90 dated now (payable to Shawn Gallagher)


Option B: TWO cheques: $141.25 dated now PLUS $231.65 dated at least two weeks prior to the start date of the series (payable to Shawn Gallagher)


Option C: $125.00 plus hst 16.25 = $141.25 on PayPal now PLUS one cheque for $231.65 ($205.00 plus hst) dated at least two weeks prior to the start date of the series (payable to Shawn Gallagher)


Option D: $389.85 by PayPal now - this includes a service charge of $15

ChildbirthJoy deposit

PayPal deposit of $125 plus hst = $141.25 is the button below.

Also mail a cheque or money order for the balance of $205.00 plus hst = $231.65.

Details are in the Registration Form you receive.

Payment with the deposit will confirm your space and your package will me mailed to you.

ChildbirthJoy full payment

Please note: this option includes a $15 service charge.

I have not raised the fee for this course since 1999 but my costs have increased and this is a way to help contain my costs without raising the fee to everyone.

Hypnosis Recordings on mp3

All recordings are available as an MP3.

Recordings will be sent to you by email with a link you can click on that will download to your hard drive.

The advantage to an MP3 is that you receive it faster, there is no shipping charge and the cost is reduced - just $12.50 per recording.

Because I am still on a tech learning curve, I will receive a message once you have made a purchase on PayPal and I will send your recording. Give a few days for this process. If you have not received it, call me at 416 255 8333 or email shawn at childbirthjoy dot com (this email is written out to prevent spam - you know how to write it out properly in your email box.)

If you prefer to mail a cheque, the total for one MP3 is:

$12.50 plus 1.63 (hst) = $14.13

Birth Suggestions and

Quick Self-Hypnosis mp3

Two hypnosis recordings for the cost of one!

For daytime practice - the longer recording can be used while exercising, making a meal, etc.

Give yourself the hypnotic suggestions you prefer.

18 minutes and 11 minutes each.

These are professionally recorded.


Pregnancy Relaxation mp3

Basic relaxation - perfect to start your practice of relaxing.

Easy multi-tasking - for daytime practice and/or go to sleep to at night.

30 minutes. Professionally recorded.


Comfort Techniques for Birth mp3

Planning a natural birth?

This essential recording trains your mind for greater comfort.

For practice in the daytime and/or go to sleep to at night.

40 minutes. Professionally recorded.


Deepening for the Birth mp3

Don't have a hypnotist attending your birth?

Get a portable hypnotist - use this recording over and over for a long as you want and relax deeply throughout.

For practice in the daytime and/or go to sleep to at night.

30 minutes. Professionally recorded.


Fertility Recordings

Natural Fertility: Sleep Relaxation mp3

Enhance your fertility while listening to this CD as you go to sleep.

This hypnosis recording powerfully reprograms your subconscious mind with fertility suggestions that promote pregnancy...

simply, safely, and easily.


Enhancing Fertility Clinic Procedures mp3

This recording is to help with IUI and IVF procedures.

This recording is best used in the weeks before a procedure to prepare.

If your clinic will allow you to listen to a recording during the procedure, it will help you relax.

If not, use before and after the procedure in addition to your use in the weeks prior.


Private Appointments

Private appointment using a mix of hypnosis, NLP, Energy Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting, based on your needs.

2 hours.

Location: home office in south-west Toronto...

or by phone or Skype.

Please contact to make arrangements for payment.

Refresher Series

For clients who have previously taken the prenatal classes with Shawn, a refresher series with a reduced rate of $210 is available for 2 - 3 couples.

West end location.


shawn (at) childbirthjoy.com