ChildbirthJoy Hypnosis Series Package

Includes series for one couple (one evening and two full days),

extensive workbooks,

and five recordings by mp3 link.

Please remember to also complete the Registration Form at:

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ChildbirthJoy Payment Options

Option A: email transfer of $448.61 ($397.00 plus $51.61 hst)


Option B: TWO email transfers: $224.31 now and $224.30 dated at least three weeks prior to the start date of the series (total is $448.61)


Option D: $465.56 by SquareUp (credit card) - this includes a service charge of $15 ($397.00 + 15.00 + 53.56 hst)

Hypnosis Recordings on mp3

The two fertility recordings are available as an mp3 digital download.

Recordings will be sent to you by email with a link you can click on that will download to your hard drive.

The advantage to an mp3 is that you receive it faster, there is no shipping charge...reducing the cost.

Payment can be made by email transfer.

shawn (at) childbirthjoy (dot) com - and let me know what your code word is

$9.99 plus 1.29 (hst) = $11.28

Fertility Recordings


If you are a client, you will receive access to these recordings, plus many more resources with payment for your first appointment. 

Natural Fertility: Sleep Relaxation mp3

Enhance your fertility while listening to this CD as you go to sleep.

This hypnosis recording powerfully reprograms your subconscious mind with fertility suggestions that promote pregnancy...

simply, safely, and easily.

$9.99 + hst = $11.28

Enhancing Fertility Clinic Procedures mp3

This recording is to help with IUI and IVF procedures.

This recording is best used in the weeks before a procedure to prepare.

If your clinic will allow you to listen to a recording during the procedure, it will help you relax.

If not, use before and after the procedure in addition to your use in the weeks prior.

$9.99 + hst = $11.28

Private Appointments

Private appointment using a mix of hypnosis, NLP, Energy Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting, based on your needs.

2 hours.

Location: home office in south-west Toronto...

or by phone or online (Zoom or Skype).

Please contact to make arrangements for payment.