evidence based birth

As an Evidence Based Birth Instructor, I am thrilled to share the research that Rebecca Dekker and her team have compiled. 

I will be teaching the Savvy Birth Workshop for Parents in 2018.

Contact me if you are interested: 416 255 8333.

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Video Library

The following is freely available on YouTube; this page is an easy-to-access summary of what is available.

Transcripts are also provided on the links.

Acupuncture to Induce Labour

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea to Induce Labour

Blue and Black Cohosh to Induce Labour

Date Fruit to Induce Labour

Breast Stimulation to Induce Labour

Castor Oil to Induce Labour

Evening Primrose Oil to Induce Labour

Pineapple to Induce Labour

Sex to Induce Labour

Vitamin K: Oral

Vitamin K: Shot

Placental Encapsulation

Cervical Checks: Prenatal

Cochrane Library

Eye Ointment

Facts vs Opinions

Membrane Sweeping



Birth Balls

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