Hypnosis Recordings

Childbirth hypnosis recordings as MP3 links are a perfect solution to support what you learn in the prenatal series.

These recordings were created in a professional sound studio with original music. The quality is superb.

I thank Steve and Dana Gadsden for their wonderful generosity in helping me create these recordings that you can benefit from.


At present, these recordings are only available to those who attend the ChildbirthJoy Prenatal Hypnosis Series.

These recordings are not available for sale for a number of reasons:

a) in order to support your success, hypnosis is best learned in a one-to-one setting. As a hypnotist, I provide important feedback to you on how your hypnosis is working best for you.

b) recordings are designed more as reinforcement to support what is learned in the class.

Having said this, I offer the Pregnancy Relaxation mp3 to anyone upon request. This is a basic, entry-level recording (as compared to the more advanced level of the Comfort Techniques and the Deepening). To access go to:

Pregnancy Relaxation mp3

Pregnancy and Birth

Birthing Suggestions

Quick Self-Hypnosis

Pregnancy Relaxation

Comfort Techniques for Birth

Deepening: For the Birth

Each of these recordings has an Introduction that provides details on the use of the recording. Once you are familiar with the Introduction material, you do not need to listen to it and you can jump to the main recording.

Hypnosis recordings cannot be used while driving or when you need to be alert (although clients have used them successfully on public transit, on the Go Train or as a passenger).

Birth Suggestions and Quick Self Hypnosis

This 20 minute Birth Suggestions recording can be used while in the awake/alert state such as exercise, cleaning the house, etc.

This recording is not hypnosis or relaxation and is a valuable start to reconditioning your mind to accept positive suggestions for the pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

This 11 minute Quick Self-Hypnosis recording is a quick and easy way to get your self-hypnosis done daily. Space is dedicated on this recording for you to repeat your preferred suggestion.

This is the one recording that can also be used after your baby is born (i.e. breastmilk supply, energy, calm and patience, etc).

The suggestions from the Birth Suggestions recording that you prefer can be used in conjunction with this recording.

These recordings are not currently available for purchase.

Pregnancy Relaxation

This 30 minute recording Pregnancy Relaxation is very relaxing and can be used in your day. You can even use it to go to sleep to.

It is designed in part to introduce you to the idea of relaxing.

Anybody who is very anxious and/or fearful will benefit from use of this recording for a few weeks to a month or more before moving onto the other recordings.

In the first week or more of getting started, you are encouraged to use these three recordings frequently (i.e. daily).

A complimentary copy of this recording is available via this link:

Pregnancy Relaxation mp3

Comfort Techniques

This 40 minute Comfort Techniques recording uses more advanced hypnosis and is suitable for those with extensive experience with hypnosis, relaxing and/or meditation.

If you have previously had a hypnosis session/sessions and you know that you are talented at hypnosis, you will find that you can use this recording with ease.

This recording details the Comfort Techniques discussed in the ChildbirthJoy Prenatal Hypnosis Series – listening to these techniques while in trance trains your subconscious mind in tools that promote greater comfort in your baby’s birth.

In addition, this recording has a birth visualization - this is especially helpful in repatterning your subconscious mind to prepare for the type of birth YOU want.

It is recommended to use this recording frequently in the months before the due date for the greatest effect. If you can only listen to one recording prior to your birth, I recommend this one.

This recording is not available for purchase.

Deepening: For the Birth

Deepening: For the Birth is a 30 minute recording that is designed to be used during your birth.

A portable player with headphones is needed for this recording so that everyone in the room does not also go into trance during the birth.

This recording can be played over and over for as long as you need in the birth - it is like having a hypnotist at your birth!

This recording is especially helpful for women planning a hospital birth as it can be played during the drive to the hospital and throughout the process of getting admitted.

You can use this recording easily to go to sleep to as there is no “counting out” at the end.

This recording is not available for purchase.

Enhancing Fertility

recordings available for purchase

Two recordings are available for your use.

Recordings are $9.99 plus 1.29 (hst) = $11.28.

Payment is by email transfer - contact me for details.

PLEASE NOTE: You are welcome to purchase one or both of these recordings, but booking your initial appointment entitles you access to these and other recordings as a download on a private link.  

Natural Fertility

This 30 minute recording combines hypnosis and music and is designed to go to sleep to.

Sleeping and "working" at the same time is the easiest way to add relaxation to your schedule.

This recording is for anyone wanting to conceive naturally or in conjunction with a fertility clinic.

Daily use is recommended.

Enhancing Fertility Clinic Procedures

This 30 minute recording is recommended for frequent use (daily, if possible) in the weeks prior to a fertility procedure.

Train your body to relax into comfort as you walk through the doors of your fertility clinic...

to relax to the touch and voices of your medical team...

to relax deeply during procedures...

so you feel calm, peaceful and positive.

For ordering details, contact Shawn directly at: 416.255.8333 or by email at

shawn (at) childbirthjoy (dot) com (this has been written out to avoid spam - you know what to do...)

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