Private Hypnosis Appointments

Hypnosis can be used for a wide range of presenting issues.

Since 1998 I have guided clients in relief for issues such as:

nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP)

turning a breech presentation

smoking cessation

anxious feelings

reducing stress

fears (i.e. needles, pain, hospitals, flying, etc)

sleep difficulties


restless legs

fertility challenges

pre- and post-operative preparation

pre- and/or postpartum sad feelings

breastfeeding difficulties

metaphysical (Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives)

While individual needs vary, many find it helpful to consider a four appointment format.

Appointments include intake, discussion about your goals and one or more of the following modalities:


Energy Tapping (also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique)

Matrix Reimprinting

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)


Energy Medicine.

I am very careful to guide your appointment in ways that you prefer so that you feel safe and empowered throughout.

You will leave the appointment feeling lighter, more free and confident.

First Appointment:

The first appointment consists of a thorough intake and discussion of the situation. Hypnosis is provided based on your needs.

Second Appointment:

The second appointment identifies and changes subconscious beliefs in order to gain greater perspective and shift the emotional state into a more resourceful one.

Suggestions that you prefer are used in the hypnosis appointment.

Third Appointment:

This appointment can be recorded for use at your leisure. Ideally, a recording is used daily to allow frequent repetition of your preferred hypnosis suggestions. Recordings can be used to go to sleep to.

Another option is to purchase one or more of the hypnosis MP3s or CDs used in the ChildbirthJoy Prenatal Hypnosis series.

Fourth Appointment:

The first three appointments are booked at your convenience, but most find it helpful to book them over three to five weeks to maintain momentum.

The fourth appointment can be done three to four weeks after the third appointment as a follow-up.


$200 for first appointment

$175 for subsequent appointments

Length: 2 hours

All fees are subject to HST (13%).

Receipts are provided.

Payment by email transfer, cash, cheque or credit card is accepted.


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For private hypnosis appointments,

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shawn (at) childbirthjoy (dot) com

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