This recording is for your personal and private use only.

Do not use this recording when you need to be alert    
(that is, do NOT use while driving).

This recording uses hypnosis to encourage a deeper relaxation. You can go to sleep to it easily. You can set an alarm clock if you need to awaken at a particular time.

Coming "out" of hypnosis is similar to waking up or finishing a meditation.

Once you and your baby are settled in, you can even breastfeed and listen to this at the same time.

Some phones do not allow direct download - you may have to download to your computer's hard drive, save and then transfer to your player of choice.

On the download button, right click and "save as" and then indicate where on your computer to save to.

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Breastfeeding and Breast Pumps

Loads of fabulous information:


Cannabis and Breastfeeding

Laurel Wilson, a Lactation Consultant, discusses the

use of cannabis during the breastfeeding period

in this May 2017 post.

Video is 15:33 minutes.

Cannabis, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Audio, 36 min download:

Cannabis in the Perinatal Period

Toronto Resources

For maternity and breastfeeding lingerie and clothing:

Mayana Geneviere

Breastfeeding Resources

Basic information on breastfeeding

LOTS of great print and video resources on

Jack Newman's website here

Jack Newman's Guide to Breastfeeding,

Jack Newman and Teresa Pitman


Ontario Breastfeeds

To find a lactation consultant

La Leche League Canada

Ontario Public Health Units