Using Self-Hypnosis for Birth Preparation: A Birth Story

The ChildbirthJoy Prenatal Hypnosis classes take the training of self-hypnosis to a new level.

This story about clients who used the training from their classes to help create an easier birth.

Using Self-Hypnosis in Birth

Hypnosis in the recovery from an accident

Reporter Anna Maria Greene traces the processes used by Annabel to recover from a broken jaw.

Annabel came to me for hypnosis to be used with MRI testing and encouraging her body's full recovery.


Bearing Witness Books

Bearing Witness books

One World Birth

Top experts in the field discuss birth - lots of short and informative videos.

Let me know what you think about it!

One World Birth

Hypnosis in the News

April 21, 2011 interview with Dr. Lin on CBC radio on hypnosis and health care:

CBC Radio April 21, 2011

Looking for midwifery care?

Midwives in Ontario get booked up very, VERY quickly.

Because this is is Ontario's best-kept secret for maternity care...

they don't need to advertise because most practices have long wait lists.

long prenatal visits where you can ask all your questions...

they come to you postpartum to assess the well being of you and your baby...

they are on 24 hour call for you and your baby...

they are experts in natural birth and breastfeeding success...

birth in home or hospital...

the Ministry of Health in Ontario covers all costs and Ontario residents don't need to pay a penny out of pocket..

Sound good?

...check out this excellent resource:

Association of Ontario Midwives

365 Bloor Street East

Suite 301

Toronto, Ontario

M4W 3L4

Phone: (416) 425-9974

(Toll Free in Ontario: 1-866-418-3773)

Fax: (416) 425-6905

Website at Ontario Midwives


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