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Prenatal Classes in Toronto

Did you know that the average length of labour in Ontario for a first baby is about 38 hours?

Did you know that the average pain of epidurals (commonly pharmaceutical pain relief) is over 60% for Ontario and is 74.2% in Central Toronto? In some Toronto hospitals, the epidural rate is well over 90%.

Did you know that the drugs in an epidural (an opiate called fentanyl and a cocaine-based drug called bupivicaine) cross the placenta to the baby?


Did you know that hypnosis dramatically reduces medication rates, the incidence of caesarian section and halves the length of labour?

Imagine feeling confident and relaxed as you approach your due date.

Imagine faster and easier birth that is calm and peaceful.

Imagine coping well and feeling in control.

Can it be done?

Of course it can!

Your power is within - the ChildbirthJoy Prenatal Hypnosis Series will teach you skills in a weekend prenatal class that you and your family can use for life.

The course fee of $397 includes:

1. an online series for those who are pregnant and partners

2. over fifteen hours of in-depth information and hypnosis

2. extensive print materials

3. five professional hypnosis recordings, plus bonus recordings for after the birth

4. training in self hypnosis and how to use it in the birth

5. theory and practice of at least seven major Hypnotic Comfort Techniques - pain management tools that can be used safely at other times in your life

6. gain control of your busy mind, reduce fears, worries and anxious feelings and feel calm, confident and in control

7. lots of quick and easy tips for the partner - for both hypnosis practice and birth information

8. access to a private link with additional resources

9. and Evidence Based Birth materials.

Ten ChildbirthJoy mp3s that you receive
upon Registration

1) Introduction to the Birth Suggestions recording

2) Birth Suggestions (18 min). This recording can be used while exercising, making a meal or other simple tasks in your day.

3) Introduction to the Quick Self-Hypnosis

4) Quick Self-Hypnosis (11 min). This recording is a quick way to refresh yourself in your day.

It is also excellent for the weeks after the birth or even for non-birth related hypnosis.

You (and your partner) can use this recording to install your hypnotic suggestions with ease.

5) Introduction to the Pregnancy Relaxation

6) Pregnancy Relaxation (30 min) - this recording can be used to go to sleep to at night - a convenient way to multi-task!

Any of these recordings are available for purchase separately if you cannot attend the classes.

These advanced recordings will make a huge difference during your baby's birth.

These recordings are not available in any other hypnosis programme and are unique.

These recordings support what you learn in the classes and you can use the pain management strategies for other times in your likfe (i.e. dental visits, etc).

1) Introduction to the Comfort Techniques

2) Comfort Techniques (36 min). This recording is the 'nuts and bolts' of the ChildbirthJoy programme and is a powerful way to remind your subconscious mind of the many different strategies available for creating greater comfort.

It also includes a mental rehearsal of your ideal birth visualization.

This is the recording that is ideally used frequently once you are familiar with the first three recordings.

3) Introduction to the Deepening

4) Deepening for the Birth (29 min). This track is unique because it can easily be used over and over in the birth - it's like having a hypnotist with you in the room!

Because this track assumes you are in labour, it is best to save this one until the last month of pregnancy.

Either of these recordings are available for purchase separately if you cannot attend the classes.

Please Note: you will receive the materials (pdf/mp3) upon payment. The entire set of materials can be loaded onto a flash drive if you bring one to the first class.

The recordings can be easily accessed on your computer, mp3 player, phone or tablet.

Please note: large mp3 files cannot be downloaded directly to a phone and must first be saved to your computer and then transferred.

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