West Toronto Location

Please note: the home office location is by appointment only.

23 Stonegate Road (M8Y 1V7)

Parking available in the driveway.

The entrance is the side door - go up the steps towards the front door and continue through the greenery to the side door.

416 255 8333 

Driving and TTC Instructions


Google Maps

23 Stonegate Road, Toronto, M8Y 1V7  

BLOOR - If you are travelling westbound:

Go on Bloor to Prince Edward (traffic lights), then south (left turn) on Prince Edward to Berry Road.

Make a left onto Berry and continue past Park Lawn (traffic lights) until Berry ends.

As Berry ends, there is a right-hand curve and then turns into Stonegate.

It is approximately 5 minutes from Bloor.

Or, you can also take the South Kingsway at Jane and then the ramp to The Queensway westbound. Go north (right) on Stephen Drive and east (right) on Berry Road and follow the right hand curve when Berry turns into Stonegate.

                           If you are travelling eastbound:

When on Bloor, go to Prince Edward and make a right onto Prince Edward. Follow the directions as above.

                  The Gardiner - If you are travelling westbound:

Take the Gardiner westbound and exit at South Kingsway.

You will go in a short tunnel and when you emerge, there is an exit for The Queensway westbound quickly after emerging from the tunnel. Take this. make a right at the lights onto The Queensway.

Pass Sobey's and Shoppers and make a right on Stephen Drive; a right on Berry Road and follow the right-hand curve onto Stonegate.

                   The Gardiner - If you are travelling eastbound:

If you are going east (coming from Mississauga, etc), exit at Park Lawn. It is a long ramp. At the foot of the ramp (watch your speed because of radar), make a left (traffic lights) going north on Park Lawn.

Continue on Park Lawn north past The Queensway (traffic lights) and make a right on Berry Road (traffic lights). Continue on Berry until it ends and as it ends, it turns into Stonegate.

There is a lot of free space on the street (it is a residential) area, and there is usually space in the driveway. 

One advantage to my home office is that it is roomier (couch and Lazy Boy) and there is a greater option of times to choose from for appointments. There are no pets in the home; air conditioning is available.


The best way is to go to the Royal York subway. The closest part of the subway is the Grenview exit (if you are travelling from downtown, the last car of the subway is best; if you are travelling from the west, the first subway car is the best).  

From the Grenview exit, contact your preferred transportation service. Your destination is 23 Stonegate Road (M8Y 1V7). 


TTC: take the 66A at Old Mill Station (requires transfer).

This route is about 15 minutes by bus and another 5-7 minute walk. The 66A bus is frequent during rush hour (every 15 min) and less so outside of rush hour. Check the TTC for information.

If you take the 66B bus, it is a longer walk because you need to get off at Park Lawn.

As TTC bus service can be variable, let me know if you are running late (email is great; if phone, leave a message if machine is on). Do not worry about the timing as I leave a buffer between appointments.

This bus travels west on Bloor, makes a left on Prince Edward and then another left on Berry.

Exit at Stephen while the bus in on Berry Road.

When you get off at Stephen, the bus then turns right and goes south on Stephen.

You, on the other hand, continue walking on Berry (the direction that the bus was just going). 

The walk is approx 5-7 min along Berry (one short block) and then it curves right and as it does it turns into Stonegate.

Continue on Stonegate (down the hill and then up the hill). Number 23 is on your right.

Go up the front steps...past the front door...through the greenery to access the side door.

23 Stonegate Road (M8Y 1V7)

The entrance is the side door - go up the steps towards the front door and continue through the greenery to the side door.

416 255 8333