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Midwifery Care in Ontario

Did you know that midwifery care is paid in full by the Ministry of Health?

Did you know that you can have a hospital birth or home birth with midwives? It is your choice.

In Ontario, Registered Midwives have hospital privileges (admit, discharge, etc), can order lab tests and ultrasounds and provide primary care for low risk births.

If you are interested in booking midwifery care, contact the midwifery practice in your area immediately - midwifery care is very popular and practices book up quickly.

If you are not sure about midwifery care, I urge you to look at the AOM's website anyway to become familiar with midwifery services.

Association of Ontario Midwives

Doula Services

Do you have a physician for your birth, but you want extra support?

Hire a doula.

Whether as birth support or postpartum, a doula can be very valuable in supporting your wishes.

Naturopaths who provide doula services

Doula C.A.R.E.

DONA International

Massage Therapy

Superb massage therapy with a special emphasis on:




high risk pregnancies

couples workshops

at Trimesters Massage Therapy, 416.803.7092

Workshops (free of charge) for pregnancy massage and infant massage offered periodically

Trimesters Massage Therapy

Yoga in Toronto

Crescence Krueger teaches a number of different yoga classes including prenatal.

She focuses on strengthening the core through the breath, which is very helpful during birth.

Check out her blog for more information:

Yoga with Cresence

Colic Remedies

Colic in babies can be very challenging.

Many parents find that probiotics can be very helpful - BioGaia is designed for infants and is easily administered (it is in drops).

Consider this, especially if the mother has had antibiotics in labour.

Also, osteopathy can be very helpful to reset the baby's nervous system - it is a very gentle process and can also help with breastfeeding difficulties.

Check out the links below for more information:



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